Our Cattery is in Purmerend, the Netherlands. The city of Purmerend is situated 20 km above Amsterdam. We got our first Persian cat in 1996, with which we bred our first litter. From then on the love for Persians and Exotic Shorthairs has grown into a beautiful hobby. Although we consider showing as very important to improve the quality (color and type) of the golden and silver, we find keeping sweet, beautiful and loving personalities of our kittens more important.

In 2016, the beginning of a new color in our cattery...

In November 2016 we bought from Russia Tom a Blue Exotic male, a long-cherished wish came out.
In February 2017 there came also a female our Nova a Persian Brown Patched Tabby White. (Exotic Longhair)

Cattery Xarana is member of Limbra Cat Club and we are registered at The Cat Fanciersí Association

The Persian

The Persian is one of the best-known and most occurring cats of the world. The Persian is a beautiful appearance and has a funny personality. When the Persian is taken care of well, it has a beautiful coat. Persians have a very attached and balanced personality, they are good- natured, friendly and they let you coddle them. The Persian is not quickly impressed by, for example, a busy housekeeping. For people who like an affectionate cat to take care, the Persian is an ideal housemate.

The Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair is the short-haired version of the Persian. Except for the fleeces of both types, the Persian and the Exotic are similar. The Exotic is a good choice when you like the personality of the Persian but do not want to take care of the coat intensively.

At our home

Most of the time it is very busy at our home. Our three children are grown up now, so we have more space for our cats and our Labradors.
Our cats are very special to us and they are a part of our family. The cats can play in the garden is fenced. Our dogs and cats are friends and they live together. It often happens that a cat is sleeping with a dog in a basket.


Kittens which are born at our place, grow up in a homelike feeling. All (grand) parents are PKD negative, they are tested by checking their DNA. The kittens can move to another home when they are 14 weeks old. They are vaccinated and dewormed. The kittens get a pedigree, owner affidavit and a health declaration.

The kittens will be sold with a contract. The contract will be sent by E-mail before the kitten goes to his new home.

The kitten is permanently reserved as there is done a deposit.
Deposits are non-refundable if canceled.

Sales Contract

If you have a question you can call me by Phone +31 (0) 299-642136,
or you can send me an E-mail.

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